Jess Ciaos Down

Internet. Cook. Eat. Repeat.

I have always had an immense love for eating, and each meal is spent thinking about the next.  Food is the center of my Italian home, and it's always been a way for my family to show each other love.  My Instagram and this blog provide me with ways to share the incredible eats I indulge in on a daily to weekly basis.  Whether it's at a swanky restaurant across the country, a homemade dinner from Mom and Dad's kitchen, a quick bite by the beach, or Friday take-out, come CIAO with me!  Mangia! 

What's Cookin'?

Feast with your eyes...


About Me

I'm a 26 year old New Jerseyan with a desire to cook, craft, and create. I live on the internet, my best friends call me Mama Jess, my students call me Miss Pirrera, and my entire iPhone camera roll is photos of my dog laying in funny positions that make me laugh.  Never have been a dessert person, but you can trust me. I swear. 😉

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